favicon-DEWashAndGo (ehemals Purgatio Pro)
- Der Festplattenschrubber für Ihren PC -
Unser revolutionärer Festplattenschrubber durchsucht Ihr ge- samtes Windows-System nach Unrat und entfernt Datenmüll in nur wenigen Minuten. Lassen Sie WashAndGo den Besen kehren und Ihr System blitz-blank sauber putzen. Ihr Rechner wird es Ihnen danken.
WashAndGo unterstützt 32 und 64-Bit Windowsversionen
favicon-ENWashAndGo is your scrubbing brush for the harddisk of your PC. (Win).
It enables you to clean up your whole system, so giving you back valuable disk space within seconds! WashAndGo gives you the power to remove this space-wasting garbage from your system. For example WashAndGo can remove *.bak,*.tmp files, etc, also 0-Byte files and wrong uninstall entries. It has the capability to delete defective links, empty the TEMP- directory of your system, erase old browser cache-files and clean your start folders. This is just a small selection of the pro- gram's clean-up-tools. Furthermore it has many many security options: Before making changes or deletions WashAndGo will present a list of questionable files from which you can choose. It can store all marked files in a special backup directory before deleting them after 14 days,and after this period the files can still be found in the Windows trashcan. - It's fast, secure and reliable! Don't miss your chance to re-claim that massive amount of wasted disk space - with the help of WashAndGo.


Size: ~13.9 MB / Trial / Win All