favicon-DETotalRecovery Pro schützt vor Datenverlust. Die Backup-Software sichert Dateien, Ordner, Partitionen oder komplette Festplatten lokal oder auf einem FTP-Server im Internet.

TotalRecovery Pro sichert entweder ausgewählte Dateien oder komplette Festplatten. Auf Wunsch wird die Software zu wiederkehrenden Terminen tätig und aktualisiert bereits vorhandene Backups inkrementell nur mit den seit der letzten Speicherung veränderten Dateien.

Die auf Wunsch in mehrere Dateien aufgeteilten Backups sichert TotalRecovery Pro mit Passwörtern und reduziert durch Datenkompression den Platzbedarf. Per FTP-Zugriff sichert man Daten auch direkt im Internet.

Mit Hilfe von Zusatzsoftware erzeugt TotalRecovery Pro aus Festplatten-Sicherungen mit VMware lauffähige virtuelle Maschinen. Darüber hinaus spricht die Software mit der iSCSI-Schnittstelle verbundene Geräte an und öffnet per Mausklick die Windows-Systemsicherung.

TotalRecovery Pro bringt einen soliden Backup-Schutz auf den Rechner. Mit dem FTP-Zugriff, der iSCSI-Schnittstelle und der leichten Erstellung virtueller Maschinen eignet sich die Software auch für gehobenere Ansprüche. Der Planer wirkt hingegen etwas zu schlicht.
favicon-ENComplete backup & recovery for everything on your PC! Protect irreplaceable photos, videos, and data. Limit your loss from hard drive failure, viruses, and human error. Ensure easy recovery from system crashes, Schedule automatic backups, No annual subscription fees!
TotalRecovery™ Pro 7 (Formerly DriveClone Pro) is all you need to completely protect your PC from an unexpected disaster. TotalRecovery™ ensures that photos, music, documents, and other important files on your PC are well protected or can easily be recovered. TotalRecovery™ offers comprehensive backup & recovery, including file and folder backup, complete system backup, and incremental image backup. Set your PC backup schedule, and TotalRecovery™ will automatically back up your data without delaying or disrupting any work in progress.

• Protect your irreplacable photos, videos, and data
• Limit your loss from hard drive failure, viruses, and human error
• Easily recover crashed system with Bare Metal Recovery
• Full system backup (disk imaging) including files, applications and Windows
• Migrate to a new hard drive, or Windows 7 with just a few clicks
• Backup anywhere to HDD, USB, network drive, NAS, CD/DVD or even FTP server
• VMware™ P2V and V2P support
• Clone to any size hard drive

Features & Benefits:
* A total backup and recovery solution for laptops, workstations, and PCs.
* File Backup. Backup photos, music, emails and everything you care about with AES encryptions
* Disk Imaging. Backup everything on your PC including OS, applications, and all files
* Clone disk. Completely copy all data to another (same or bigger) hard disk.
* Backup Anywhere
* Open file backup
* Quota Management - No more "Disk Is Full" error messages!
* Intelligent Schedule
* Migrate & Upgrade
* Google Desktop search incorporated - Makes data recovery as easy as searching the web with Google.
* Email Notification
* Advanced script (Pre and Post Command) function
* FileRescue-911™ capability
* Built-in VMware™ P2V and V2P support
* Max Speed with Solid State Drive (SSD)
* Crashed System Restore with Bare Metal Recovery
* FTP Remote backup, offsite backup duplication
* Universal Restore/Dissimilar Restore
* Recovery CD/DVD or Restore Image File Creation
* Advanced incremental backup technology
* Log View. Consolidate all activities for all workstations and servers into a centralized log view.
* Windows PE support
* PXE support
* Rescue bootable media
* Experience NO Business operation downtime!
* Unique Total File Shredder™ included - securely remove data from outside of Windows
* Free Technical Support
* Designed for Peace of Mind

- Windows 7 (32 & 64-bit)
- Windows Vista (32 & 64-bit)
- Windows XP (32 & 64-bit)

~ 385 MB / Trial

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